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"A brilliant musicologist...An amazing guy. A fantastic orchestrator and a really, really good composer... As there was so little material to go on, I wish I could say it was a scam. But I absolutely adore it.  A jolly, jolly piece...Debussy couldn't get a better outing."

Jeremy Sams reviewing the PAN CLASSICS CD 10342 of 'Le Diable dans le Beffroi'.  

(Summer Record Review. BBC 3, 20 August 2016​)

"In the Cardiff strand of the Paris City of Light Festival , this concert is the sure-fire highlight of the cultural year so far...Debussy's No-ja-li ou Le Palais du Silence was the big event. With a gamelan orchestra, chorus and narrator, this is one lavish ballet...filled with barbarism, a perfumed eroticism and even a joyous pride. By completing this work, Robert Orledge has done the music world a big favour. 

(The Sprout, 25 April 2015)


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‘Just the opening few moments of the Debussy Usher are enough to conjure a very different and much more involving world….The effect is truly seamless; as conducted by Lawrence Foster, the 45-minute score sounds like late Debussy - there are echoes of the orchestral Images, especially ‘Gigues’, and even of ‘Jeux’ - and the prevailing mood of a doom-laden house is recognisably similar to that of ‘Pelleas et Melisande’. ‘ Andrew Clements (The Guardian, 16 June 2014)

‘Though virtually half the music is Orledge, you wouldn’t know it, so relentlessly authentic and beautifully atmospheric is the effect. ‘

(Paul Driver: The Sunday Times, 22 June 2014)


"It is a sweat-producing listening experience - it throws you!…And in the end, the audience is beside itself cheering and applauding."

(Tim Schleiber: Die Stuttgarter Zeitung, 9 Aug 2006)


Rodrigue et Chimene in a new orchestration by Robert Orledge is planned for a concert premiere with Orchestra Symphonique Ile-de-France.

Conducted by Christoph-Mathias Mueller at the Murten Festival, Switzerland Summer 2022 with soloist from the Zurich Opera House

Also to be recorded and performed in Paris in 2022. 

Poeme pour Violon et Orchestre (1910-1914), completed and orchestrated by Robert Orledge

Orchestral score, parts and piano reduction published by Musik Fabrik, France -  2019

Serenade pour Violon et Orchestre (circa 1894), completed and orchestrated by Robert Orledge

Full and Chamber Orchestral scores parts and piano reduction published by Musik Fabrik, France -  2019

Also to be published 2019-2020: No-ja-li ou Le Palais du Silence, La Saulaie for Baritone and Orchestra, L'histoire de Tristan - Prelude


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